Random Room Generation Ideas

  • The idea is that each map will consist of several randomly picked pre-made cubes that will be different in design and concepts yet linked via doors on each end of the cube. Some would have different doors anywhere from one to six depending on if they have access points on each side. For instance I made a mock up of a really basic four cube map using just a really rough idea on connections

    random room idea.jpg

    So in this image you have rooms A through D, each are connected by a door way. the color is to show the different styles of cube types used so you have A which seems to have a two access point cube, with doors on adjacent sides connecting to B and C. B being a Three access point cube and C being a four point cube. While D is really just a copy of B just in another rotation. Even though I have only four up here as a mock up we could have more style cubes and then sort each created cube under style and connection type so you could have A_1, A_2, A_3 and so on. Kinda of similar to the board game Carcassonne in the sense of changing layouts with instructions on how to connect. Also wanted to do multi tier such as A could have a stair case and sister cube designed to go with it and provide access points to the second level creating more rooms and increasing the amount of space to fight in.

    This is a really roughed out idea and there are more complex thoughts behind such as modifiers to how the access points work like portals that jump access points or what not. If you like the idea or hate the idea let me know.

  • Awesome write-up. This will be a lot of fun, both to develop and play! Once we get the basic weapon done, score system, and random room generation working we will be able to do an early alpha release. I think we will get some attention at that point being an all blueprints project.

  • room-generation.jpg

    Random room generation has been implemented.

    For now it is only 2d. There are 16 10k x 10k tiles which equals 1600m^2 or around 1mile^2. This can be modified by the server.

    Spawns are randomly generated near one of the four corners.

    We need to make some basic rooms! Right now they are placeholder path blueprints.

  • Awesome work!

    Checked it out and its pretty sweet. The concept is solid and I feel it will allow a more in depth experience than a standard point a point b map.

  • floating-island-in-the-clouds-18657-400x250.jpg

    Here is a picture of what the random rooms in the clouds could looks like. Of course anyone can design any idea though.

  • Below are pictures of the room generation system as it is today. It's working as expected! Thanks to Shaun Dunne http://.shaundunne.ie for help with room generation blueprints and Tim van Helsdingen http://www.timvanhelsdingen.com for the low poly Four Seasons asset pack.





  • This post is deleted!

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